270 Commerce Parkway
Pelham, AL 35124

(205) 403-4020
  • School Dress Code rules apply on formal portraits regarding piercings, hair dye, tattoos, etc..
  • Avoid chewing gum during session.
  • Do not make any drastic hair or makeup changes shortly before your session. You may regret it. We charge a resit fee of $20 and our slots are limited.
  • Our photographers try to avoid glare with prescription glasses, but it may be unavoidable if you wear non-prescription lenses.
  • Check your hair, makeup, and clothing between sessions. We provide mirrors. Our photographers are not responsible for fixing these items.
  • These items cost extra (per pose) for us to remove or alter:
    tan lines
    hair fixes
    teeth whitening
    clothing fixes
    tattoos and braces removal - We do not recommend this. You may want to reschedule your appointment if your braces are going to be removed before school starts.
  • Bring your pet or hobby item if you wish! We welcome props!
  • Ladies:
    Please arrive with hair and makeup ready. We provide dressing rooms, but time is limited.
    No low-cut or revealing tops please.
    We suggest sandals or flat shoes for outdoor session. (No high-heels.)