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Daycare Portraits

What can you expect from us?

We will send…………

  • a photography crew on your scheduled date
  • detailed flyers and posters to your school prior to picture day for parents to take home.
  • unique props suited for all ages
  • an actual preview of your child’s portrait session along with an order brochure for parents to take home and make their selection(s). Parents also have the choice to see their child’s session in a secure online gallery and purchase this way as well.
—Our photographers arrive on time, dress professionally and are motivated to work with children to capture their unique expression.
—We use green screen technology so that parents are able to select a lively background of their choice.

—We do not charge for these services; no unexpected bill or invoice will be sent to your school.

Contact one of our representatives today!

Wes Little: (205) 907-6475       

Katy Burnside: (205) 370-6516

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