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2022 Seniors

2022 Cap and Gowns IN STUDIO only

2022 Cap and Gown In Studio from May 6th

2022 Cap and Gowns In Studio from end of May

The above gallery is for cap and gowns that were taken in our studio only. A passcode is required for entry, we sent you this via email. Check your spam folder.

If you are looking for your cap and gown portrait taken at your school, you must click on your school link.

Bagley Elementary

21-22 Beauty Pageantpasscode: 22BAGp20305

2022 Cap and Gownpasscode: see the proof order form from school for code or contact studio

21-22 Class Groups

Berry High
Berry Elementary
Berry Middle

21-22 Football passcode: 22BMSf10720 

21-22 Cheer passcode: 22BMSc10914

21-22 Volleyball passcode: 22BMSv10922

21-22 Dance passcode: 22BMSd10929

21-22 Girls basketballpasscode: 22BMSb11108

21-22 Boys Basketballpasscode: 22BMSb11118

21-22 Basketball Cheerpasscode: 22BMSc20124

21-22 Boys and Girls Tennispasscode: 22BMSt20224

21-22 Girls Golfpasscode: 22BMSg20425

21-22 Softballpasscode: 22BMSs20316

21-22 Action/Candid Shots

Bessemer Academy

21-22 Beauty Pageant passcode: 22BAHp20205

21-22 Class Groups

2022 Elementary Cap and Gownpasscode: contact studio for passcode

2022 Cap and Gownpasscode: 22BAHc20324

21-22 Clubs, Senior stand-outs, Who’s Whopasscode: 22BAHm20420

2022 Senior Graduation

Bragg Middle

21-22 Cheer and Dance passcode: 22BRGc10827

21-22 Football passcode: 22BRGf0817

21-22 Volleyball passcode: 22BRFv10824

21-22 Volleyball passcode:22BRFv10927

21-22 Cross Country and sports group remakes passcode: 22BRGs11006

21-22 Boys and Girls basketball and Bowlingpasscode: 22BRGs11130

21-22 Spring Sports and Clubspasscode: 22BRGs20225

21-22 Clubs and Trackpasscode: 22BRGs20321

Brookville Elementary

2022 Cap and Gownpasscode: see proof order form from school, or contact studio.

21-22 Class Groups

Brookwood Middle
Bryant Park Elementary

2022 Cap and Gownpasscode: 22BRYc20407

21-22 Beauty Pageantpasscode: 22BRYp20319

Chelsea Middle

21-22 Football, Cheer, Dance and Volleyball passcode: 22CHMf10818

21-22 Band Individuals and Actionpasscode: 22CHMb11103

21-22 Basketball, Majorettes, Wrestlingpasscode: 22CHMm20110

21-22 Track and Softballpasscode: 22CHMs20225

21-22 Tennispasscode: 22CHMt20224

21-22 Baseballpasscode: 22CHMb20314

21-22 Action/Candid Shots

Concord Elementary

21-22 Beauty Pageantpasscode: 22CNCp20409

2022 Cap and Gownpasscode: locate on your child’s order form from school, or contact studio

21-22 Class Groups

Cordova High

21-22 Football and Cheer passcode: 22CDVs10729

21-22 Volleyball, Cheer, Cross Country passcode: 22CDVs11012

21-22 Beauty Pageantspasscode: 22CDVp20211

21-22 Spring Sportspasscode: 22CDVs20120

2022 Cap and Gownpasscode: 22CDVc20127

21-22 Action/Candid Shots

2022 Graduation

Corner High

21-22 Band passcode: 22CNRb10728

21-22 Football passcode: 22CNRf10723

21-22 Beauty Pageantpasscode: 22CNRp20122

21-22 Softball and Wrestlingpasscode: 22CNRs20124

21-22 Boys and Girls Tennispasscode: 22CNRt20314

21-22 Boys and Girls Basketballpasscode: CNRb20318

2022 Cap and Gownpasscode: 22CNRc20428

21-22 Action/Candid Shots

2022 Graduation

Cornerstone Christian

21-22 Football, Cheer and Volleyballpasscode: 22CCSs10915

21-22 Basketball and JV Volleyball passcode: 22CCSs11104

2022 Cap and Gownpasscode:22CNCc20323

21-22 Spring Sportspasscode: 22CNCs20323

Curry High

21-22 Volleyball, Cheer, Football, Band  passcode: 22CURs10922

21-22 Basketball and Dance Squadpasscode: 22CURs11109

21-22 Beauty Pageantpasscode: 22CURp20219

21-22 Spring Sportspasscode: 22CURs20303

21-22 Softballpasscode: 22CURs20307

21-22 Action/Candid Shots

2022 Cap and Gownpasscode: 22CURc20527

2022 Graduation

Fultondale High
Gardendale High

21-22 Band passcode: 22GDNb0817

21-22 Football and Cheer passcode: 22GDNs10802

21-22 Volleyball passcode: 22GDNv10809

21-22 Bowling and Cross Countrypasscode: 22GDNs11202

21-22 Boys and Girls Basketballpasscode: 22GDNb11209

2022 Cap and Gownpasscode: 22GDNc20125

21-22 Fishing Teampasscode: 22GDNf20214

21-22 Spring Sports and Clubs, Yearbook Staffpasscode: 22GDNs20215

passcode: 22GDNw2022421-22 Wrestling

21-22 Action/Candid Shots

2022 Graduation

Greystone Elementary
Holy Family
Homewood High

21-22 Football and Cheer passcode: 22HWDf10802

21-22 Band Group passcode: 22HWDb10811

21-22 Volleyball passcode: 22HWDv10916

21-22 Star-Spangled Girls passcode: 22HWDs10928

21-22 Bowlingpasscode: 22HWDb20110

21-22 Tennis Groupspasscode: 22HWDt20302

21-22 Golfpasscode: 22HWDg20310

21-22 Dance Team Individuals for Posterpasscode: 22HWDh20414

21-22 Action/Candid Shots

2022 Senior Graduation

Homewood Middle

21-22 Cheer Grouppasscode: 22HWDc20119

21-22 Boys and Girls Basketballpasscode: 22HWMb20118

21-22 Wrestlingpasscode: 22HWDw20131

21-22 Boys and Girls Tennispasscode: 22HWDt20323

21-22 Action/Candid Shots

Hueytown Middle

21-22 Fall Sports passcode: 22HUMf11018

21-22 Beauty Pageantpasscode: 22HWMp20129

21-22 Boys and Girls Basketball and Wrestlingpasscode: 22HWMs20207

Huffman High
Jasper High

21-22 Football passcode: 22JSPf10721

21-22 Misc Sportspasscode: 22JSPs20126

2022 Cap and Gownpasscode: 22JSPc20405

21-22 Action/Candid Shots

2022 Graduation

Jasper Junior High
John Carroll Catholic High and Middle

21-22 Band and Dance passcode: 22JCCb10730

21-22 Volleyball passcode: 22JCCv10806

21-22 Football and Cheer passcode: 22JCCf10812

21-22 Indoor Trackpasscode: 22JCCt11209

21-22 Middle School Basketballpasscode: 22JCCb11209

21-22 Boys and Girls Basketballpasscode: 22JCCb11214

21-22 High and Jr High Baseballpasscode: 22JCCs20214

21-22 High and Middle Tennis and High Trackpasscode: 22JCCt20309

2022 Cap and Gownpasscode: 22JCCc20315

21-22 Soccerpasscode: 22JCCs20321

21-22 Softballpasscode: 22JCCs20322

21-22 Boys and Girls Golfpasscode: 22JCCg20324

21-22 Action/Candid Shots

2022 Senior Graduation

Kidzone Discovery Center

2022 Cap and Gownpasscode: contact studio

Leeds High
Liberty Park Middle

21-22 Football and Cheer passcode: 22LPMf10804

21-22 Cross Country passcode: 22LPMc10831

21-22 Volleyball passcode: 22LPMv10923

21-22 Boys Basketballpasscode: 22LPMb11202

21-22 Wrestlingpasscode: 22LPMw11130

21-22 Girls basketballpasscode: 22LPMb11203

21-22 Basketball Cheerpasscode: 22LPMc20118

21-22 Boys and Girls Golfpasscode: 22LPMg20209

21-22 Boys and Girls Tennispasscode: 22LPMt20215

21-22 Softballpasscode: LPMs20302

21-22 Band Individuals for Compositepasscode: 22LPMb20419 (each student has unique passcode)

21-22 Action/Candid Shots

Mcadory Elementary
McCalla Elementary

21-22 Class Groups

2022 Cap and Gownpasscode: see proof sent home from school or contact studio

Montevallo High

21-22 Misc Sports passcode: 22MNTs10806

2022 Cap and Gown passcode: 22MNTc20127

2022 Graduation

Mountain Brook Junior High
Mortimer Jordan High

21-22 Fall Sports passcode: 22MJHs10802

21-22 Wrestlingpasscode: 22MJHw0413

21-22 Cap and Gownpasscode: 22MJHc20215

21-22 Soccer and Baseballpasscode: 22MJHs20207

21-22 Boys and Girls Tennispasscode: 22MJHt20223

21-22 Boys and Girls Basketballpasscode: 22MJH20201

21-22 Beauty Pageantpasscode: 22MJHp20212

21-22 Trackpasscode: 22MJHt20309

21-22 Bowling and Golfpasscode: 22MJHs20308

21-22 Softballpasscode: 22MJHs20214

21-22 Cross Countrypasscode: 22MJHc20411

21-22 Action/Candid Shots

2022 Graduation

Noah's Park Daycare

2022 Cap and Gownpasscode: Emails with passcodes were sent on 4/5/22 check your spam folder or call studio. 

North Jefferson Middle

21-22 Cheer and Dance passcode: 22NJMc0818

21-22 Volleyball passcode: 22NJMv11006

21-22 Football passcode: 22NJMf11008

21-22 Cross Country passcode: 22NJMc11008

21-22 Boys and Girls Basketball, Wrestlingpasscode: 22NJMs20119

21-22 Beauty Pageantpasscode: 22NJMp20212

21-22 Misc Sports and Clubs and Organizationspasscode: 22NJMs20321

21-22 Softballpasscode: 22NJMb20412

21-22 Baseballpasscode: 22NJMb20512

21-22 Action/Candid Shots

Oak Grove

21-22 Senior Banners and Football Coat and Tie passcode: 22OGHs10803

21-22 Football and Cheer passcode: 22OGHs10805

21-22 Band passcode: 22OGHb10729

21-22 Volleyball passcode: 22OGHv10825

21-22 Junior High Cheer and Cross Country Track passcode: 22OGHs10914

21-22 Basketball passcode: 22OGHs11020

21-22 Oak Grove Junior High Basketball passcode: 22OGHb11027

21-22 Football Banquetspasscode: 22OGHb11211

21-22 Wrestlingpasscode: 22OGHw11208

21-22 Bowlingpasscode:OGHb20110

22 Early Grad Cap and Gownpasscode: 22OGHc11117Wq

22 Cap and Gownpasscode: 22OGHc20209

21-22 Baseball and Softballpasscode: 22OGHs20131

21-22 Beauty Pageantpasscode: 22OGHp11112

21-22 Fishing Teampasscode: 22OGHf20309

21-22 Boys and Girls Tennispasscode: 22OGHt20324

21-22 Track and Sports Medpasscode: 22OGHt20413

21-22 Action/Candid Shots

2022 Graduation

Oak Mountain High

21-22 Band passcode: 22OMHb10806

21-22 Cheer passcode: 22OMHc10805

21-22 Football passcode: 22OMHf10727

21-22 Volleyball passcode: 22OMHv10809

21-22 Boys Soccerpasscode: 22OMHs20125

21-22 Baseballpasscode: 22OMHb20420

21-22 Action/Candid Shots

2022 Graduation

Oak Mountain Middle

21-22 Dance passcode: 22OMMd10802

21-22 Cheer passcode: 22OMMc10811

21-22 Volleyball passcode: 22OMHv10803

21-22 Cross Country passcode: 22OMMc11013

21-22 Girls basketball passcode: 22OMMb11102

21-22 Boys Basketball passcode: 22OMMb11103

21-22 Track Grouppasscode: 22OMMt20307

21-22 Softballpasscode: 22OMMb20317

21-22 Boys and Girls Tennispasscode: 22OMMt20323

21-22 Baseballpasscode: 22OMMb20428

21-22 Action/Candid Shots

Our Lady of the Valley

21-22 8th grade legacy  passcode: 22OLV11014

21-22 Cheerleaderspasscode: 22OLV20110

21-22 Class Groups

Pelham High

21-22 Band passcode: 22PELb10804

21-22 Football and Cheer passcode: 22PELf10729

21-22 Volleyball passcode: 22PELv10806

21-22 Boys and Girls Basketball passcode: 22PELb11101

21-22 Bowling passcode: 22PELb11130

21-22 Girls soccerpasscode: 22PELs20110

21-22 Baseballpasscode: 22PELb20119

21-22 Softballpasscode: 22PELs20202

21-22 Wrestlingpasscode: 22PELw20131

2022 Cap and Gownpasscode: 22PELc20228

21-22 Boys and Girls Tennispasscode: 22PELt20323

21-22 Golf Team and Action passcode: 22PELg20407

21-22 Track Grouppasscode: 22PELt20510

21-22 Action/Candid Shots

2022 Graduation

Pizitz Middle

21-22 7th grade football passcode: 22PIZf10813

21-22 8th grade football passcode: 22PIZf10820

21-22 Volleyball and Majorettes passcode: 22PIZv10823

21-22 Cheer passcode: 22PIZc10901

21-22 Dance passcode: 22PIZd10910

21-22 Boys Basketball and Dance Team Captain grouppasscode: 22PZMb11118

21-22 Girls basketballpasscode: 22PZMb11206

21-22 Bowling passcode:22PZMb11207

21-22 Wrestlingpasscode: 22PZMw11215

21-22 Indoor Trackpasscode: 22PZMt20125

21-22 Boys and Girls Tennispasscode: 22PZMt20210

21-22 Softballpasscode: 22PZMs20228

21-22 Boys and Girls Golf and Trackpasscode: 22PZMg20228

21-22 Action/Candid Shots

Pleasant Grove High

21-22 Football passcode: 22PGHf10727

21-22 Volleyball passcode: 22PGHv10722

21-22 Middle School Volleyball passcode: 22PGMv10902

21-22 Cheer passcode: 22PGHc10928

21-22 Girls basketball passcode: 22PGHb11005

2022 Cap and Gownpasscode: 22PGHc20210

21-22 Baseballpasscode: 22PGHb20301

21-22 Action/Candid Shots

2022 Graduation

Shades Valley High
Snow Rogers Elementary
Sumiton Christian
Vestavia Elementary Cahaba Heights
Vestavia Elementary Dolly Ridge
Vestavia Elementary East
Vestavia High

21-22 Volleyball passcode: 22VHSv10813

21-22 Band passcode: 22VHHb10728

21-22 Football passcode: 22VHSf10802

21-22 Mr and Miss Vestaviapasscode: VHHm11117

21-22 Boys and Girls Basketballpasscode: 22VHSb11117

21-22 Wrestlingpasscode: 22VHHw11208

21-22 Boys and Girls Tennispasscode: 22VHHt20124

21-22 Baseball Team Groups Onlypasscode: 22VHHb20205

21-22 Softball Grouppasscode: 22VHHs20216

21-22 Action/Candid Shots

2022 Graduation

Warrior Elementary
West Blocton